Ambience promoters and top management have significant experience in Fossil Fuel Energy sector having held Board/ Corporate level positions in leading International/Indian Companies.  AMBIENCE promoted following JVCs.


ANSALDO SERVICES PVT LTD. : Indian JVC of Ansaldo Enegia S.p.A. in which AMBIENCE was 40% shareholder between 1995 to 2002.  This JVC made acquisitions of around 1300 MW of Plant Construction/Rehabilitation Projects apart from providing After Market Services to around 2500 MW installed base of ANSALDO in India..


MALAVALLI POWER PLANT : commissioned in 2001 a pioneering 4.5 MW Biomass Power Plant firing low density crop residues as primary fuel, which delivered the world's first Gold Standard CERs. (See Video at



CVC INDIA INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD.: JVC with Interpres Internazionale and other EU Investors, which has business focus of 2nd Generation Bio-Refineries based on PROESA technology of Beta Renewables.  Agriculture residues and other lingo-cellulosic biomass is processed to Cellulosic Ethanol, Pellets (or Electricity) and Compost.  (See website :  
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